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Vrazji Prolaz & Zeleni Vir,  hiking, mountain biking

Devil's passage 

This beautiful gorge lies just outside Skrad and can be reached by a nice circular walk right from our doorstep. The gorge is only accessible because of a set of man made bridges and steps and offers some great views. The walk from the house also includes Zeleni Vir, a waterfall coming down a 70m high rock. When making the circular walk, don't forget to stop off at the restaurant at the entrance of the Devil's Passage for a drink and a nice big strudel. A warm meal is often also available, depending on the season.


Entrance fee Devil's Passage: 20 kn (~ €2,50)

Source of the Kupa, Izvor Kupe,  hiking, mountain biking
Skradski vrh, hiking, mountain biking
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